Wireless TKO/ Adapter/ Handle

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adapter only ships in 1-3 business days
Please allow 7-14 business days to manufacture the wood handle

**ONLY FITS THE V2 TKO** (This note is for V1 TKO owners to avoid confusion on compatibility. Only the first 50 TKOs were V1 back in 2022, the difference is the threading pitch)

The wait is over! Trends come and go and the wireless ball vape is here to stay! Instead of creating a spread of different head options, we chose to make the TKO modular and just create new attachments to allow it a variety of functions. 

If purchasing the full kit with the included TKO, you will also need to purchase the Ruby Terp Pearls as they are essential for proper function of the TKO


  • 25mm diameter to fit your standard 25mm axial coil
  • 22mm diameter recess on the top to allow use with your favorite diffuser bowls, and also doubles as a great place to drop some concentrates for a "double decker"!
  • The adapter simply threads onto the TKO just like an airflow cap and held firm in place by the handle screw.
  • Custom screw to connect the head to the handle
  • Simple and comfortable handle design (3.5in)
  • Beautiful & sleek


metal parts are manufactured in China
wood parts are manufactured in Oklahoma, USA