VHBmicro Tray

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This tray is specifically designed to snuggly and conveniently hold your VHBmicro And everything you need to medicate with your DynaVap.

Nature chooses the patterns, we just make it something functional.

Tray size is 6" x 8"

  • large oval bowl area for fresh herb
  • de-bowling bowl area with spike
  • Custom area for VHBmicro
  • 2 sunken DynaVap cooling magnets
  • Large round spot for herb grinder

*Please be advised! Our Maple is SPALTED and is likely to have cracks and voids and even small amount of tear out from machining processes. I will not send anything that affects the performance or structural integrity, if you think yours has an issue, message me IMMEDIATELY and we can perform a swap of the wood. Product must be unused to swap out.