VHB mini tray

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Yet another stunning idea from Vap Hot Box brought to life in our shop! 

If you aren't familiar with Vap Hot Box, check the out below via provided link. www.vaphotbox.com

These are made with locally grown lumber here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Choose between Cherry, Oak, & Walnut. Nature chooses the patterns, we just make it something functional.

Comes with laser engraving of skull and smoke or 3 Colas, as pictured above, you may opt to change the image for a $5 charge, or remove engraving free of charge.

If you have a preference on placement, size of stock image or custom image (i.e. full size and centered, or 1/2 size and on the left, etc.), please be sure to express so in the notes at the checkout, and if nothing is in the notes it will be full size as what's pictured above.