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(V2) made with Grade 2 Titanium

usually ships in 1-3 business days.

*please be aware that the adapter end of the TKO is a proprietary Injector joint and is intended to be used with the Infinity bowl for best results. Also works with all of our Butane Therapy Devices except for the OHV (because of the bowl being what removes from the device). You will need to either purchase a bowl with a 3/4" opening from me or if you have another bowl with those dimensions, that will work as well.

The first released version of the TKO performs and looks fantastic! This time we carefully widened the ball chamber opening as far as possible for the largest heat calorie capacity on the market! We also beefed up the threads a little to make them less likely to get damaged and easier to thread the cap on and off.

The TKO is designed to be used with our custom wrapped coil (20mm) in order to maximize the vertical surface area, ensuring a more even heating of the ball chamber as well as allows the TKO to keep up with long draws better, resulting in massive clouds and less effort than many competitor devices.

Dimensions: 33.5mm x 26mm x 26mm
# of Terp Pearls to fill TKO: ~290 3mm / ~107 4mm
for use with a 20mm coil

Compatible bowls: Infinity Bowl 18mmInfinity Bowl 14mm  |  Wood Injector Bowl  |  Multi-Purpose Glass Bowl  |  V4 Micro  |  V3 Micro  |  봉 석신  |  Noisy Cricket  |  Knotty Topper  |  DFreezDesigns

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