TKO PIONEER Converter Kit

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*TKOs & 18mm Infinity Bowls are currently on backorder. I expect to have them back in stock around the first week of April. FREE GIFT for orders placed during this period!

made with Grade 2 Titanium
Matching Wood Set! Wood selection will be for the Base, Handle, & Ring

Please allow 7-14 business days to ship

TKO will come already assembled so you can get right to your first session!

    package includes:

    • V2 TKO w/ regular cap
    • V2 14mm or 18mm Infinity Bowl
    • Titanium TKO Post
    • PIONEER EDITION TKO PID Handle (select a wood)
    • PIONEER EDITION Post Base (select a wood)
    • Custom Stretched 20mm coil (from Auber)
    • TKO full of Pearls (3mm or 4mm)

    *warning! Only fill chamber flush with pearls, having pearls stacked above flush may cause the cap to stick shut or break pearls. Only twist cap until it stops with finger strength, do not tighten further. Do NOT leave unattended while ON. Power OFF when not in use.

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