Titanium TKO Post (pre-order)

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made with Grade 2 Titanium

Alternate option for the Aluminum TKO post. Post will come with an Ipe wood spacer that will go just above the threads and provide an insulated pad to minimize additional heat transfer to the base. This stand is designed to shed as much heat as possible to avoid the heat getting down to the base and heating or damaging it. Suitable for use with the CH aluminum bases. Fits the TKO nicely even with the 18mm adapter on the TKO!! (see pictures for fitment visuals)

This stand will also fit other 18mm Injector heads and the CH diffuser head.

Order placed with the manufacturer, I expect to have them around December 8-15. If you order a TKO at the same time, your TKO will be sent ahead of time and pre-order items will be sent separately when they arrive. (international shipments will wait for pre-order items before shipping)

stand dimensions: 22 x 22 x 52.9mm