the 봉 석신

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Hackberry, Sycamore are images of the exact Vaporizer you are purchasing if you select one. All other options, the images are a representation of the product you will receive.

*Custom Laser Engraving Available* 

Ironically named after my Wife's birth name, the symbol 봉 is Korean for Bong and will be engraved in place of the O'Connell Beard face. 

The 봉 석신 (Bong Sook Shin), Our full sized water piece adaptable dry herb Vaporizer. Vaporizer will sport the logo (봉) as pictured, Saying yes to laser engraving would be in addition to the logo and will be on the opposite side. Wood grain of each vaporizer will differ.

Vaporization is activated when a small butane torch is aimed down into the intake tube while drawing air through your water piece, and with the correct combination of heat and air movement, you can easily achieve massive clouds of vapor! With a slightly smaller bowl than original full size version. It was designed for regular or large water pieces with a 14mm female port.

Nature chooses the patterns, we just make it something functional.

Some wood choices are available to ship, however others may take upwards of 2 weeks before they can be built and shipped, thank you.

Wood Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1 1/2"

Bowl Size: 3/4" (1/8 gram is my recommended amount to fill at one time, but you can add as much as 1/4 gram)

Comes with:

  • the 봉 석신 Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 14mm glass adapter
  • Stir/Tamp tool in matching wood
  • Flared intake
  • 1 heat diffuser
  • 2 spare screens, 1 installed 

Fits a 10mm, 12mm, & 14mm Glass Stem.

The Full sized Vaporizers such as this one also has a 1" Taper around the bowl for easy loading and extra large hits.

*If you have a handheld sized water piece, check out our Noisy Cricket, it's perfect for the "baby bongs". 

*Please be advised! Our Maple is SPALTED and is likely to have cracks and voids and even small amount of tear out from machining processes. I will not send anything that affects the performance or structural integrity, if you think yours has an issue, message me IMMEDIATELY and we can perform a swap of the wood. Product must be unused to swap out. It is also advisable to NOT let magnets smash together repeatedly, could cause magnets to knock loose from the wood.