Quick Connect DynaVap Stem

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Add a Titanium DynaVap Tip and Cap HERE!


*This is the exact stem you will recieve*


  • notched mouthpiece for easier and more firm grasping with teeth or lips
  • fits 14mm female adapter
  • length of 2  5/8"


(Brown Mallee Burl pictured above) Made from a beautiful Burl, this sweet little DynaVap stem is a perfect stem to use either direct as a mouthpiece or in a 14mm water piece. This style matches my particular tastes, it does NOT have an air hole. All wood, no metal tube inside.


*Disclaimer- Not guarenteed to fit every 14mm glass adapter. These are designed off of Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer water pieces (each one is test fit before shipping), If not getting a seal because of the adapter length, you may need to try a different water piece.*