TKO/Injector/Diffuser Bowl

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*Estimated build time: 3-8 weeks* Please note that wait times are subject to change depending on current work load

for visual representation of wood selections click HERE

WPA wood bowl designed to be used with a TKO, Pinky, all CH products, all Qshop products,  or anything else you can think of, can even smoke from it if you are desperate. 


  • wood bowl
  • 3 stainless steel screens
  • 10/14/18mm glass WPA

Made with the beautiful hardwood of your choice

each bowl is polished with bee's wax right on the lathe. Purpleheart goes into a UV light bath for a few hours to bring out the bright purple colors.

TKO/Pinky Bowl OD: ~25mm
Injector/Diffuser Bowl OD: ~22mm