Deluxe XL De-Bowler w/ FREE printed lid (Factory 2ND)

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*FREE PRINTED LID!**Please see images of internal anodizing issues, some are worse than others** 
Lids will be available separately in various woods

body is made with 6061 Aluminum and anodized black/ rod is made with 304 Stainless Steel

I designed this for those who seek a sturdy and beautiful desktop worthy De-Bowler that will work for ANY device you own

key features:

  • tall/thin spike to allow for accurate reach into the bowl and remove all material
  • anodized aluminum for best corrosion resistance and elegant appearance
  • rubber pad on bottom to grip the tabletop for sturdy, one-handed de-bowling
  • wood lid to contain the smell and add more beauty to the appearance
  • easy to clean aluminum body (just wash with soap and hot water)

Aluminum Body Dimensions:
diameter- 77.7mm
height- 120mm

Lid Dimensions:
diameter- ~91mm
height- ~48mm

Overall Height w/ Lid: ~158mm

SS rod sticks up ~25mm above the top of the aluminum body

made in China

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