Aluminum TKO Post

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made with 6061 Aluminum

ships in 1-3 days

This post works best as cold storage for your TKO. Many TKO customers own 2+ heads, allowing them to have different caps or different ball sizes or the 18mm adapter always on at least 1 head at all times. If used for hot storage, power ON your TKO for the session only and then turn the power OFF. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENED WHILE POWER IS ON.

The post itself has a 1/4"-20 thread that will thread into a wood base (check out the Titanium TKO Post if you are using an aluminum base). Fits the TKO nicely even with the 18mm adapter on the TKO!!

This stand will also fit some other 18mm Injector heads.

Post Dimensions: 44.5mm x 32mm x 32mm