Device Assembly & Maintenance

Assembly Instructions for Therapy Devices:

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Every one of our Therapy Devices has basically the same assembly steps, here we will demonstrate using our Bong Sook Shin Device.

Therapy Device Assembly Instructions


Step 1. Ensure correct orientation of Heat Diffuser Disc (DOME DOWN)


Step 2. Install the intake O-ring (the fatter one if you have clear glass, If you have colored glass then both O-rings will be the same size)


Step 3. Install the flared intake (It can be helpful to breath on the end of your intake for the condensation that acts as a temporary lubricant for an easier installation)


Step 4. With the aid of a small pointed tool, adjust the Heat Diffuser Disc to be centered in the hole for best performance results and avoid scorching wood or herb


Step 5. Gently press the stainless steel mesh screen into place using your finger or the tamp tool (careful not to force it if it's not well aligned, this could bend it all up and create frustration)


Step 6. Install the WPA O-ring


Step 7. Install WPA or Mouthpiece (mouthpieces are sold separately for this model and you will also need to purchase 14mm O-rings as they take a thinner O-ring than the two in these instructions)


Step 8. Assemble the two parts of the Device and it's ready for use!