TKO Glassfinity Bowl

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bowl is made made with Grade 2 Titanium
adapter is made with Borosilicate


  • uses high heat silicone O-rings to hold the glass adapter inside the Ti Infinity Bowl
  • allows for easy removal of bowl from the chosen water piece
  • choose between 18mm,14mm and 10mm adapter just by changing the piece of glass
  • perfect mating connection with the TKO
  • no need to risk breaking the glass adapter with a metal screw to keep it held into the bowl
  • glass adapter doesn't expand like metal does, so minimal risk of the adapter getting stuck

*please be aware that this bowl is designed for use with the TKO, the mating connector design is a proprietary joint for use with OWW products. Compatible as a shovelhead bowl for a "standard" diffuser.

use with a TKO Infinity Ring