Wood Injector Bowl

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*Estimated build time: 3-8 weeks* Please note that wait times are subject to change depending on current work load

for visual representation of wood selections click HERE

14mm WPA wood bowl designed to be used with a Pinky, Glassy, Neo, or anything else you can think of, can even smoke from it if you are desperate. 


  • wood bowl
  • 3 stainless steel screens
  • 14mm WPA (18mm upon request)

"Neo" will come with a more shallow bowl so the Neo heater can properly heat the herb

Made with the beautiful hardwood of your choice

each bowl is polished with bee's wax right on the lathe. Purpleheart goes into a UV light bath for a few hours to bring out the bright purple colors.

If you want 18mm WPA instead of 14mm, please notate it at checkout in the notes section.

Bowl size:
18mm- 5/8" (16mm)(chamfer at top of bowl to accept injector head)
Pinky/other-3/4" (19mm)(no chamfer at top of bowl)
Neo- 3/4" (19mm)(small chamfer and sanding at top of bowl)
External Diameter: ~1" (25mm)