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made with 316L Stainless Steel

Designed to be an affordable alternative to the TKO, the SKO sports a 14mm tapered adapter for use with 14mm female bowls. Pair this with the SKO Infinity Bowl for maximum experience, allowing you to heat soak the bowl for a more full affect. Also works great with a glass 14mm injector bowl or even modify any 14mm female joint to use it as a bowl! The modularity available to this size and style of injector head is simple and vast!

The SKO uses a 16mm PID coil. Please see our Custom SKO coil for maximum performance, the coil comes pre-stretched and ready to go. If purchased along with the SKO, the coil will already be assembled onto the SKO.

Dimensions: 35.6mm x 22.2mm x 22.2mm
# of Pearls to fill SKO: ~160 3mm
for use with a 16mm coil