Infinity Flux Capacitor

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**Please allow 5-14 days to manufacture the glass intake and wood handle**

TURN YOUR INFINITY BOWL INTO A BUTANE POWERED THERAPY DEVICE!! (i.e. to use the torch as your heat source to vaporize the herbal goodness instead of combustion or electrical heater source)

made with Grade 2 Titanium


  • Walnut Handle
  • Titanium Heat Diffuser
  • Flared glass Intake
  • O-ring (x2)

please allow 3-7 business days to manufacture the walnut handle.

Once I had the TKO and Infinity Bowl in hand, I was in love with my creation! I knew that I could make it even more versatile for when I want to travel or just wanting a different therapy experience. In came the idea for a butane intake attachment to turn the Infinity Bowl into a stand-alone butane therapy device. This is the very first Titanium butane therapy device on the market!

Dimensions: 22mm x 17mm x 22mm

metal parts are manufactured in China
wood & glass parts are manufactured in Oklahoma, USA